The e-Siyakhokha Team has made every effort to ensure that your personal and business information is protected by using the highest forms of browser security available today.

The site is secured by Thawte Consulting cc which ensures the security certificates generated by the site are valid and secure. Every time an e-Siyakhokha user connects to the e-Siyakhokha website, an encrypted and completely secure connection is made between your browser and the e-Siyakhokha servers, ensuring that your e-Siyakhokha experience is safe and secure.

When accessing the e-Siyakhokha Services site, look for the "s" in https:// at the beginning of the e-Siyakhokha Services web address, and (on most browsers) the golden lock symbol padlock will appear in the address bar.

Welcome to e-Siyakhokha users need only ensure the address typed in to access the site is the correct website address, and that there is a lock symbol on their browser.

For more information on privacy and security, please refer to our terms and conditions.

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